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The analytics for developing effective loyalty programs is equally important


Every business owner and each marketer knows that it is impossible to successfully promote a company without having on hand analytical data on the effectiveness of the promotion. It is impossible to plan any advertising campaign without having information about who your client is, what he likes, when he prefers to make purchases, etc.

Do you agree?

The analytics for developing effective loyalty programs is equally important.

With Loona digital loyalty cards, you can not only precisely meet the needs of each of your regular customers, thereby increasing their loyalty to your company, but also track the effectiveness of your loyalty program as a whole. Loona platform allows you to track a large range of data to get a complete picture of your customers' satisfaction with the offered service. Platform Analytics platform analytics allows you to track user actions related to digital cards and allows you to get a complete picture of the customer behavior and interests. That helps to more effectively customize advertising campaigns and, accordingly, to get more profit from marketing activities.


All the information about using digital cards 

• Total number of installed cards;

• Number of active cards;

• Full details about traffic sources: the number of clicks on each of the previously created unique links (UTM), number of transitions by source type (Facebook, Instagram, QR);

• Download conversion for each source


All customer data in one place

• In your account you have complete information about customers;

• Full name, gender, age and any other data that you collect through the online questionnaire;

• The mobile devices they use;

• Transaction history, etc.

The system contains not only the personal data of your customers but also all the data on how customers interact with your services and products։ average check, the regularity of purchases and use of loyalty cards, reactions to promotions and special offers, timing, traffic sources, preferred goods (services). All these data provide an opportunity to analyze and build the most effective marketing strategy.

Application of Loona platform analytics in the company's marketing

All the data that is collected in a personal account on the Loona platform, in the hands of a competent marketer, will help: to form an offer that is most interesting for customers - based on proper timing, geolocation, analysis of customer needs calculate the number of loyalty program participants increase current loyalty and attract new customers, while at the same time improving your service predict and increase the conversion percentage and effectiveness of each share calculate the main strategic indicators of your business success - ROMI (return on marketing investment), LTV (Lifetime value) - the amount of profit from each client for the entire duration of the card, etc.

It remains only to register and start getting a double-triple return from your marketing budget!


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