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Loona loyalty cards can be developed as a self-promotion tool, along with e-mail and SMS

Integration is a modern solution platform which is designed for strengthening and empowering the possibilities of the existing marketing strategy and loyalty programs of any business. Considering the infrastructure uniqueness of each business, it is essential to focus on the operation scheme and functioning models of loyalty cards as well as the integration of the system in the online and offline business processes. With extensive features, platform provisions everything needed to encourage the clients.  


Technical integration

The manner in which the symbiosis of the operation of loyalty cards with already existing digital tools will be arranged plays an important role in the integration process. platform is designed to enable easy integration with any CRM and ERP systems of different business industries through the API.

Integration with CRM or ERP systems allows to:

• synchronize the loyalty cards scanning system;

• synchronize transactions;

• improve the ability of analytics;

• develop a single customer database;

• automate loyalty programs according to user data and behavioral factors.


Integration with marketing tools

The loyalty cards can easily be integrated into the existing sales funnel on the platform and expand the capabilities of the marketing tools applied in the company due to the developers’ initiative of

There is a wide range of different integration systems for Loona loyalty card as it enables to be integrated ranging from various mobile applications and ending with online-shopping, which will result in new opportunities and types of customer interactions and functionality for business development. You may think, is that all? But there's more to come.

Loona loyalty cards can be developed as a self-promotion tool, along with e-mail and SMS mailings. In comparison with other types of mailings, PUSH notifications, through which e-cards are “communicating” with your customers on behalf of the company, are considered to be much more effective.

Moreover, it is possible to expand the circle of participants of your loyalty program in a simple way, just share a link for downloading the card in any promotion tool you know - social networks and the company's website, SMS and e-mail links, stickers, flyers, business cards and other.


Integration into offline business processes

With the development of Internet technologies, only a few types of business structures are conducted completely in the online space. Anyway, all the others hold a large range of offline processes. In frames of marketing activities empowerment, online tools assist to optimize the work and improve the effectiveness. Likewise, loyalty cards hold their own range of offline processes, which are an essential component in their integration in any business.

It is obvious, that first of all, employees are the company’s greatest asset that makes its image. Therefore, it is necessary to inform staff about innovations in business on time. It is considered an integral part to train employees to work in new conditions. The overall effectiveness of the implemented technology depends on how well the responsible employee is informed and trained. Loona company ensures the provision of the necessary materials and training to all its users when there is a need to implement loyalty cards in any business. Training from the developer will enable your specialists to quickly deal with all the necessary actions with the cards, which will positively affect the operation of the system.

Thus, the scanning function of cards for carrying out transactions can be assigned, for example, in a restaurant to waiters, in a beauty salon to administrators, and in a retail store to cashiers. Training is required for these specialists to ensure the proper operation with a new tool in accordance with the algorithm. The implementation of clear regulations for working with loyalty cards on the basis of training results enables to increase customer recurrence and the speed of distribution of cards within your institution.


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