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Powerful tool for communication with the target audience


Nowadays, marketing has managed to evolve into a completely new product due to its fast development and improvement. In terms of focus and economic indicators, it has become much more mobile, social and effective. The major objectives of marketing are the ability to identify the interests of the target audience and competently create a channel of communication by combining various tools. Consequently, a modern marketer should be able to combine technology with strategy and possess multitasking skills. A harmonious synthesis of all components of a number of marketing concepts provides an opportunity to find the path to success.


Technological race

Implementing new tools and technologies into the business is one of the challenges facing the marketers. The importance to develop such tools is growing by the day. While some companies just decide to buy software to collect information on potential customers, others make a breakthrough.

New technologies are able to help to retain existing clients and attract new ones. By implementing innovative tools and actively using them, you can not only save time and money but also increase the level of audience engagement in the life of the company.


Loyalty cards as a powerful marketing tool

Today, many companies are used to implement loyalty cards into their activities. This tool can be built into any existing sales funnel by adding it and increasing the effectiveness of existing channels. The collection of customer personal data and the attraction of new ones is automated. Thus, you get a powerful tool for communication with the target audience, which helps a business to take a new level and achieve its objectives.


The influence of cards on the effectiveness of SMM, email, SMS, site, etc.

Having an aim to make permanent clients it should be regularly communicated with them. The loyalty cards are considered to me the most efficient and “personal” way of communication. They increase the effectiveness of various communication channels (SMM, email, site, SMS, etc.), which can only complement each other partially. For instance, cards have an impact on increasing the conversion of publications in social networks. The company is enabling to use paid advertising, instead, it is possible to obtain a card and create communication with the target audience through unlimited push notifications. 

In our reality, loyalty wallets are the best solution that allows you to popularize your brand and encourage the user to make a purchase or visit the required place. It encourages the close relationship between communication channels and loyalty cards that makes it possible to achieve the desired results. Spend minimum time and solve several marketing tasks due to this unique tool.


The results of the implementation of loyalty programs in the sales funnel

The loyalty program contains comprehensive measures aimed at attracting and creating mutually beneficial relations between users and the company. With the help of constant communication with customers by implementing loyalty cards into the sales funnel, the following results are obtained:

• brand awareness increase;

• sales increase;

• retention increase;

• average check amount increase.

If you have not yet thought about taking full advantage of loyalty cards, do not miss the time to start using a new tool, and your business will enter a new stage in its development.


Monitoring and data processing

Clear monitoring and information processing are included in loyalty programs.  They constitute the benchmark a kind of indicator for the clients that builds a picture to understand their wants and needs. It is necessary to constantly measure indicators to achieve your marketing goals (average bill amount size, outflow rate, frequency of purchases, etc.). It will enable to adjust the strategy according to the obtained data, to provide conditions for the rapid development of business and, as a result, to increase profits significantly.


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